Angie Harmon…in an iron on decal.

Oh Angie. When I think of your name, I never associated it with my late Grandma, until I saw this recent picture of you. My Nana had a serious passion for floral prints and iron on decals as well. May I also ask why this flower strategically stretches itself out across your britney? I mean do you have something to hide!? I just hope it’s not scratch-n-sniff. (take a moment to visualize…)

Angie Harmon-17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

It’s too bad really…without the night blooming jasmine across her vaj. This would have been a perfectly fine dress. Does your opinion differ? Take a second and let me know why…I love comments! Until next time, we will file this under Red Carpet Nay!

PS- these are reposted from an old blog of mine so yes, this image is a bit out of date…but it STILL happened!


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