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Pantone has finally dropped the ball on us for 2013. Get ready to be energized by EMERALD!

Here are some inspiring editorial images, products and my nails make a cameo too! I am ready for the year of emerald. Bring it Pantone.



*Images via Pinterest and my own collection. Made into collage via Picasa


Angie Harmon…in an iron on decal.

Oh Angie. When I think of your name, I never associated it with my late Grandma, until I saw this recent picture of you. My Nana had a serious passion for floral prints and iron on decals as well. May I also ask why this flower strategically stretches itself out across your britney? I mean do you have something to hide!? I just hope it’s not scratch-n-sniff. (take a moment to visualize…)

Angie Harmon-17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

It’s too bad really…without the night blooming jasmine across her vaj. This would have been a perfectly fine dress. Does your opinion differ? Take a second and let me know why…I love comments! Until next time, we will file this under Red Carpet Nay!

PS- these are reposted from an old blog of mine so yes, this image is a bit out of date…but it STILL happened!

Spirit Animal

A Spirit Animal is what I like to refer to as someone who embodies everything I want to be in life. I am starting this topic as a place to identify ladies I find in street style, editorial or otherwise who embody the style I want/have.

1st up:

Miss Natalie Joos from Tales of Endearment – not only does she have an incredible blog but this street style pic of her from Fashion Wire Press left me with next-level outfit envy! No one loves a crop top with a full skirt more than I do. Lady-like yet edgy. The best of both worlds. Update, also found below image via The Cut street style.

PS- She’s also carrying the perfect Prada. #ladycrush

5 Rules: For Surviving (And Thriving) at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale

Last night I was discussing the pending Barney’s Warehouse Sale with my close friends over cocktails. I started divulging all my dirty secrets on how to score the best deals and they immediately told me “You HAVE to write about this.” So here we are.

2x’s a year, Christmas comes to NY….wait, make that 3. Once is on Decemebr 25th, the other two times are for the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. An event so legendary, I think people base their travel schedules around it. Here are my 5 Rules for Surviving and Thriving at this coveted event.


Let’s start with the basics. In any sample sale, the best day to go is the LAST ONE. Call me crazy, but the reason I shop sample sales is for a DEAL. In order to guarantee you are getting the best deal, you have to wait until the end of the sale. 99% of the time, all prices will be drastically reduced by the last day and you will walk out with the best deals. True, the selection is not as great as the first day, but you are guaranteed to leave with the best deals possible.


You  may think, “Who cares? It’s just a sample sale.” But you would be WRONG my friend. What you wear is one of the most important parts and pivotal to shopping success! I recommend a simple skirt, flats and a fitted tank top. Boy-shorts and a nude (no padding) bra.

Here’s why- most sample sales, include Barney’s Warehouse, do not have dressing rooms, especially not PRIVATE dressing rooms. The key is to be able to get items on and off as quickly as possible and with the least amount of fuss. An A-line skirt offers you comfort while trying to pull up those coveted $40 J-Brands and equal ease while slipping on a Marc Jacobs dress. Keep your under garments simple and don’t go for push up on top. You want to see how this will REALLY fit. For footwear, don’t wear anything that requires laces, socks, or ankle straps. All of that takes too long. You want to be able to slip in and out of whatever shoes you choose. I hate to say it, but don’t forget comfort. I’ve shopped at Barney’s Warehouse for 4hrs at a time, waiting is involved and standing is the only option, be prepared. Try to also think about your purse. Nothing too heavy or large. Try a nice cross body (hands free) with only the essentials!

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